Inflight Airways Training Pvt. Ltd. is an institution which was established in 2005, with a major focus on opening the glamorous and exciting worked of aviation and hospitality to the young generation of today. In their own way they have tried to inculcate an atmosphere of the successful and well groomed personal who is the every of all.
Inflgiht Airways Training Pvt. Ltd has successfully launched several on going programmers in the diversified fields of Hospitality, Tourism and Aviation. Through its motivated faculty, who in Themselves have been part of the aviation and tourism industry as professionals of many years, groom the students to fulfil their dreams. They guide them and make them aware of the demands of the industry and at the sometime give they a glimpse of the glamour and excitement of life to come.
There effort is made to place the candidates who have completed their training and learning process. Inflight Airways through their resources and association have made visible efforts in this direction. However to broaden the placement opportunities, a further joining of hands is required, and Inflight Airways is constantly on the work out for such associations which can be eventually rewarding.
Inflight Airways Training Pvt. Ltd is located in the Holy city of Varanasi. A world renowned tourist centre. The Institute is he first of its kind in Eastern UP, and in its first year has become a well recognized landmark.
We are not competing - as we do not enter into any type of criticism games. On the contrary, we are Total focused on the training and placement of our students rather than criticizing other academies or Institutes. So, we feel we are different, and, we have no comparison. We count on our achievements and do not thrive on other’s failures.
In fact no owner of any other Institute can claim that they have a better ‘relevant’ experience of this Industry. I.A.T.I is the only Institute owned by a person who herself has a Mastery from the Aviation Industry.
I.A.T.I is a leading institution, which trains and grooms young aspirants for the Aviation, Hospitality and, service industries. Our students have been successfully placed in both the DOMESTIC, and the INTERNATIONAL Airlines - as well as in the hospitality, and, travel sectors . We are proud to mention that I.A.T.I is the only Institute in Varanasi that has successfully placed its candidates in Air India, as well as, in Indian Airlines - which is usually a tough task….in a highly competitive environment!


Ms. Indu Singh, who had founded this ‘institution’ in the year 2005, had thence established the ‘first ever’ Institute of this type in the field of aviation in Varanasi - by the name of Inflight Airhostess Training Institute. Automatically, it is the pioneer Institute as no such Institute ever existed at that point of time. In fact, we are also the pioneer Institute to go ‘global’ as we happened to start our short-term courses in the field of aviation, travel tourism, and, hospitality sectors.


INFLIGHT AIRWAYS has one fundamental mission: ‘Train and connect the best available talent with the best available career-opportunities’.
Whether it is a domestic or an international Airline, they seek exceptional talent. Every year, we at IATI train and place dozen of candidates who meet and exceed the high standards set by industry professionals. We understand their staffing-needs because we share a common belief. When you need creative solutions, you need creative talent. Inflight finds that talent because without good people, success is only a dream. Our goal is clear: ‘to create the perfect match of people and organization’. Through a deep understanding, respect and appreciation of what makes each ‘party’ tick, and, through knowledge of corporate demands, we deliver that GOAL. We recognize your needs are unique and individual, and, that the right personality fit is a delicate balance.


By being groomed and trained, opportunities with the airlines and service sectors improve thereby giving you an advantage over other candidates. let us say: we recruit baby chicken which we train and help them to become eagles - who fly high in the sky and realize their aim. they enter the world of hospitality, glamour and sophistication - to be considered better than the best.